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"We agitatefor your healthcare." – Institut for Interdisciplinary Medical Care e.V.

Düsseldorf – a high-class metropolis. Düsseldorf is home to a network of highly specialized physicians who have founded an institution for ongoing interdisciplinary medical care.
Our network provides state-of-the-art health care which complies with the highest international standards.
As our approach is interdisciplinary, we take a holistic view in assessing our patients’ health. Our network unites specialized physicians of all health disciplines who are in direct contact with each other, thereby ensuring that you will receive all-round care of the highest standard. We strive to offer the best medical treatment at all times. Your physician will always take sufficient time to explain diagnoses, discuss possible therapies and outline which approach is best for you.

Our network of clinics provides specialized medical care and expertise near you. All of our medical experts are located in the greater Düsseldorf region, and following your referral you are guaranteed to be offered an appointment quickly.
If you have travelled from afar, you may choose to stay in the Breidenbacher Hof hotel which is located on Königsallee in the heart of Düsseldorf and offers rooms at discounted rates for our patients.
On the following pages, you can find out more about the members of our network, their clinics and the services they offer. After all, good health isn’t everything, but without health everything counts for nothing.